Social Entrepreneurship Development

The Governance and Civic Engagement Program at CARE- Egypt is implementing the Community Spark Project with the aim of empowering Egyptian youth to become valuable assets to their communities and enhancing youth employability. This project is part of a global initiative undertaken by Microsoft Citizenship Program to create new opportunities for 300 million youths in 100 countries by 2016 in partnership with governments, non-profits and businesses.  Youth Spark aims at empowering youth through strengthening education, leadership building, and giving youth inspiration and tools to imagine new opportunities. The idea is to create an international network of change-leaders through assisting underserved young people with skills to get better jobs, become innovators, entrepreneurs or study further, just like their privileged counterparts. 

Due to its deep rooted belief that there is high potential for growth in social innovation and social businesses in Egypt, Sting led the design and materials development for the Social Entrepreneurship Training Course as part of the Community Spark Program in Egypt.  The Social Entrepreneurship Training Course was designed to advance the social enterprise sector through creating a new wave of entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and talented development practitioners who will support and advance the work of socially‐oriented enterprises in Egypt.

The Course was divided into three main separate modules with a number of challenging independent projects to be done in between each module.  The three modules gradually took youth into a learning journey that focused on awareness, gaining valuable knowledge, widening their horizons in social innovation, and obtaining concrete skills as well as interpersonal capabilities.