Interpersonal Skills for Community Monitoring Groups (2014)

Sting partnered with CARE-Egypt to build the capacity of a total of 95 members of community monitoring groups named “Tahseen Groups” in BeniSuef, Assuit, and Sharkia governorates. The capacity development program aimed at enhancing the interpersonal skills of 'Tahseen Groups' and enabling them to effectively engage in community liaising with government officials as well as promote the concepts and tools of social accountability within their communities.  The capacity development program included: effective communication and dialogue skills, team work, presentation and public speaking, as well as critical thinking in problem solving. The capacity development program enabled members of the community monitoring groups to:

  • Gain effective life skills and explore different ways to develop their capabilities
  • Gain a deeper understanding of concept of participation
  • Assess their level of participation and define how far they need to develop their participation.
  • Demonstrate the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication and other various forms of communication skills such as: active listening, dialogue, and negotiation.
  • Understand the concept of the dialogue and recognize the possibilities that lie within.
  • Gain an understanding of main sectors within the society and the dynamic and interrelated relationships among individuals and institutions
  • Identify analytical methodologies in problem solving.
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