Leadership for Change

The objectives of Save the Children’s EVE program is to encourage and support progress in moving beyond traditional roles of women and men, and empowering both to become effective actors.  In order to contribute towards achieving those objectives, Sting was contracted to design and develop a user-friendly and printable Leadership for Change Manual that focused on building women’s and girls’ leadership skills including communication, negotiation, planning, influencing and conflict resolution skills, and providing women and girls with new abilities to initiate positive change within their households and communities, and advocate for their rights.

Sting was also responsible for the training of trainers in two targeted urban communities in Cairo and Alexandria, in order to enable social workers, gate keepers, and community leaders to master the Leadership for Change methodology and techniques.   In addition, Sting coached the trained social workers during the actual implementation of the Leadership for Change Manual in order to ensure the quality-delivery of the program as well as provide one-to-one support on the grassroots level.